Welcome to the Brownsville Community Church, a United Methodist Church, located in West Windsor, Vermont.  If you are interested in attending a local church that is actively serving the local community, please join us Sunday morning at 9:30AM.  Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have been away from the church for some time, come join us.  Visitors on vacation here in the beautiful Mount Ascutney area are always welcome.

Below are Brownsville Community Church “Happenings” for your information and to add to your calendars.

Sunday AM and Wednesday PM SERVICES – Please join us by live streaming.  Links below. 

  • We are now having Sunday service at the church with reduced occupancy, or please join us by either of the links below:
  • Sunday service 9:30AM, and Wednesday Compline service 7:00PM
  • Live on Facebook – Click Facebook link at upper right.
  • To join by Zoom meeting  for audio and/or video, click on the following link:      https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2976073115
  • Live at https://video.nest.com/live/ygDY2xPmrz you’ll be asked to enter a password:  Godshouse1


Offerings may be sent by mail to the Brownsville Community Church, PO Box 176, Brownsville, VT  05037-0176


  • Administrative CouncilPhil Arvidson, Chair: 484-1228
  • Trustees – Bob Hartnett
  • SPPRC – Dan Hall, Chair:  978-228-0025
  • Outreach, Mission, Fellowship – . Kathi Leary, Chair: 674-2320


Bob and Ann Quaderer will lead this monthly event and can be reached at bq0043@gmail.com.


The next Saturday Women’s Potluck Fellowship Breakfast will be TBA

All are welcome! Kathi Leary can be reached at 802-674-2320 or cknaleary@comcast.net.


The next UMW meeting will be on TBA. All are welcome!  Ann Matthews can be reached at 802-484-5502


Christian Education classes for adults and youth are on Sunday mornings TBA.

Meet our CE teachers:Skip Downing – adult CE, Amy Bowen – Jr. & Sr. High teens, June Huebner &

Sten Bowen – Elementary Grades 2 – 6, Ruth Newhall & Kristen Huebner – (downstairs after the Children’s Message upstairs).


I can be reached at 802-245-4886 or revchuebner@gmail.com.


Youth Christian Education:     Please see above for Christian Education for children and adults

Trail Life USA:  Scott Duffy can be reached at artisans@rockledgefarm.com or 802-484-7240

American Heritage Girls:  Kristen Huebner can be reached at kristenlhuebner@gmail.com

Youth Groups:

BCC Youth will meet at the church on the following Sundays TBA Projects & activities.  Kathi Leary can be reached at 802-674-2320 or cknaleary@comcast.net.

Nursery: Our youth numbers are growing!  There’s a Nursery Care sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.  Please consider sharing an hour with our little BCC-ers.  It’s fun & there are lots of things for them to do!

                            Keeping each other in prayer

Please contact me if you would like to formally join the BCC Church Family or if you have any questions.  I can be reached at 802-245-4886 or bcchurchvt@gmail.com.

Pastor Christian +

“Open our hearts, O Lord, and let us truly listen to your words.”   

Questions? … please contact me at 802-245-4886 or bcchurchvt@gmail.com.  Pastor Christian +

“We will praise God for the new life we have found!  Alleluia!”

Pastor Chris

Arvidson's Advent 2013