Next Meeting: June 11, 2020 6pm – 7pm

We are going back to the original schedule and will start meeting again in the Sanctuary on June 11 using same rules as the Sunday meeting.

If possible, we may meet outside!

If you have a specific prayer need and want it placed on this public page, please send an email to .

Please ensure the you have permission of the person you want listed on this page especially if there is any detail included. I am also thinking of indicating who made the request (See below).
I may contact you if I have a question along those lines.

Order of Prayer Meeting

Intercession for June 11, 2020 will follow this general framework

1 – Opening Prayer by leader (BCC Ministry to the Community: Response: Amen)
2 –  A time of Silent Prayer/Waiting (about 10 minutes)
3 – Opening up by the leader for shared prayer if you desire to do so – you are not required to lead out in any way. You are also encouraged to bring a Psalm or scripture verse that you feel appropriate for this time.
4 – Praying/Prayer-Song – praying and singing according to God’s will.
5 – Closing Song
6 – Together Pray: Our Father

Specific Prayer Requests

  • Ministry of BCC especially on how to address the pandemic – Bob
  • Giving opportunities according to: 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 – Bob
  • God’s provision for all our members – Bob
  • Avis whose 50 yr son recently died unexpectedly…leaving wife and children – Kate
  • Woman coping with emotionally abusive spouse,,,, Christ awareness, strength,, wisdom… and healthy healing for positive changes. – Kate
  • Achilles – seek miracle healing from brain tumor… have had chance to witness to him of Christ. Know he is and will continue to be with Jesus – Kate
  • My family on Pine Ridge Reservation in lockdown with limited access to medical and sanitary supplies… in confrontation now with S.D. governor who wants to stop them from blockades to restrict travel to reservation – Kate
  • Pray for Peter M. in hospice – a wonderful Christian leader who has served generations of young Christians and formed so many Church leaders – Ian
  • Healing for our neighbor who had a fall horseback riding. She has bruised ribs, but doing well – Laurie